A new report from Universum shows that younger professionals and students are more concerned about remote workplaces than their older counterparts.

The annual Top Employers Report finds that a “leadership gap” in remote working could hinder training opportunities for young professionals

Of the 18,000 respondents, 12% of older workers had virtually no concerns about working remotely, compared to 23% of young workers.

Even more, 57% of young professionals and 56% of students reported worrying, feeling isolated and missing out on contact with their colleagues, compared to just 40% of older workers who felt the same.

In addition, 38% of young workers said they were concerned about being left out of important meetings and being biased by personal colleagues.

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In addition, only 19% of senior executives said working remotely could affect their income, while 30% of younger workers said working from home would affect their income.

“Our report shows how important it is for employers to find the right balance when organizing their working week and how valuable an effective hybrid model can be, not only to meet the staffing needs of today, but also to develop the talents of tomorrow”, said Steve Ward, UK director at Universum. “Decision makers and industry leaders can better tailor their return solutions to ensure satisfaction, productivity and success.”