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I live in New York City, which means that my kitchen is also my living room, my bedroom is also my wardrobe and my balcony is also my garden. And in 2020 everything became my office.

I have to pay for my office snacks but my coworkers are my baby pug and boyfriend so I really can’t complain. I’ve also completely perfected my favorite oat milk latte and can play my work playlist over speakers instead of headphones. But there are five very specific things that completely changed my WFH routine that I have outlined below.

Ugg Oh Yeah Slingback Slide

I never owned Ugg boots until 2020. They were just never my thing. But after seeing every supermodel unironically wore the Oh Yeah Ugg sandal, I knew I was missing out. I now own three pairs.

They are by far the coziest slippers I own, and just staring at the fluff gives me an instant serotonin surge. They also vaguely remind me of the Miu Miu slides which cost hundreds, but luckily they’re only $ 100 at Nordstrom.

Keurig K-Express Essentials Single Serving K-Cup Pad Coffee Maker

While 2020 and 2021 felt like no year I’ve ever known, one thing stayed the same: my caffeine addiction. Whenever I need a sense of normalcy (which is often the case), I make myself a coffee and suddenly feel a little bit normal again.

I usually spent over $ 6 on an oat milk latte every day when I went to the office, but I just couldn’t justify the cost when I started working entirely from home. This Keurig coffee maker is like a little coffee shop in my own kitchen (that doesn’t take up much counter space) and making a cup every morning is probably the only thing that inspires me to roll out of bed. The best part? For me, it’s the 36-ounce container, which means I don’t have to remember to refill it every time I make a cup.

Masqd cherries face mask

Even though I work from home, I try to get outside for a break between assignments. Finding a comfortable face mask was definitely a challenge for me at first. Everything irritated my skin. But after seeing Sarah Jessica Parker wearing every single MasQd face mask, I thought she must be into something. Plus, she worked in her shoe store throughout the pandemic so I knew they had to work.

And they do. My friend often steals from me because they are extremely breathable and comfortable. Think of a soft, ribbed pillow for your cheeks and you have a MasQd face mask. Not to mention that their new spring collection is so cute that I look forward to wearing this one printed with cherries.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist

Getting stuck inside of me accidentally made me perfect my skincare routine. I also experiment with exaggerated beauty looks a-la Euphoria. And the only thing I thought was absolutely necessary is to look as radiant as possible.

The desire to look like I’m burning with the intensity of a thousand suns has mostly to do with wanting to look like Jennifer Lopez. And on a deep dive on TikTok, I actually found out her makeup artist sprayed Neutrogena’s sunscreen facial mist on her makeup. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. And now that I start walking out a little more, I don’t have to worry about forgetting SPF.

Reebok Women’s Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers

Reebok Women’s Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers

While I stick to my claim that the Ugg Oh Yeah Slingback is suitable for any occasion, a pair of white sneakers is always a must. Last year I haven’t been to many places, but I still had to take my dog ​​for three walks a day. And while I tend to always dress in fancy even when I’m locked inside, it was great to have a pair of simple sneakers like the Reebok Club C 85 right outside my door.

So comfortable, easy to put on, and recently recommended by every single supermodel – including Emily Ratajkowski. And unlike most of my nightly pandemic impulse buys, I know these will never go out of style.