TCS employees asked to contact us by November 15th | Photo credit: Twitter

Key highlights

  • Currently only 5% of TCS employees work in the office
  • TCS employs over half a million people in India and abroad
  • The return to the office will be carried out in a calibrated manner keeping in mind the health and safety of employees, the company said

Bengaluru: India’s largest IT service provider, TCS, has asked its employees to report to their “deputy location” or base office by November 15 in a calibrated manner taking into account the health and safety of employees, the company said, according to a report in the Economic Times an explanation.

Milind Lakkad, TCS Executive Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, issued an official notice earlier this week urging employees to return to their base offices. Currently, only 5% of the company’s 5,28,748 employees work in the office.

“Towards the end of CY’21, we will be encouraging our employees to return to the offices, at least initially, before moving to the 25/25 model. This will be done in phases and flexibly and depends on the respective team leaders and the requirements of each team / project, ”the statement said.

“We are committed to the 25/25 model, but before we switch to the model, we have to start bringing people back to the office and gradually evolving to 25/25.”

According to the company’s 25X5 vision for 2025, only 25% of the nearly half a million employees worldwide will be working in office locations at any one time, while employees will spend only 25% of their time in the office. And within project teams, only 25% of the employees can be accommodated at a common location. TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan first highlighted his 25×25 or 25/25 plan in the company’s annual report for FY20. He has spoken about it several times since then.

Former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan had said the company plans to call 70-80% of its workforce to the office by the end of the current calendar year or early next year, depending on how the upcoming third wave of the pandemic unfolds.

India’s second largest company by market capitalization of nearly $ 195 billion

TCS contributes nearly 15% to the country’s $ 150 billion software exports and employs 10% of the country’s 4.6 million IT staff. Due to a rally in TCS stock prices in the current bull run of the market, the market cap reached Rs 13.5 lakh crore. It is the second publicly traded company in India after Reliance Industries and the first IT company to cross the milestone.