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Liberty AV’s Christopher Gazdic joins AVI-SPL’s Nancy Lussier on The Collaboration Space Podcast to discuss the technology that is driving the return to work or office.

Gazdic offers insights into technology to support:

  • Smart buildings
  • Hybrid working models
  • health and safety
  • Office 365 integration

We are also discussing changes in our AV and UC rooms and IT support systems that enable hybrid working and remote monitoring.

More about Liberty AV:

Liberty AV Solutions, a subsidiary of WESCO Distribution, Inc., a listed Fortune 500 holding company, has long been a leader in the professional AV market. Your wires, cables, panels, panels, racks and power management solutions are an integral part of commercial AV projects.

More about AVI-SPL:

We pride ourselves on being a digital enablement solution provider that develops, integrates, manages and supports on-premise and cloud-based communication and collaboration technologies for companies around the world.

We’ve been innovating the way work is done and unlocking new business value since 1979.

And we’re even more proud of what each of these solutions represents for our customers: modernized experiences that accelerate results and create flexibility to support hybrid work.