Nashik: The Nashik Division Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) staff pledged Thursday not to return to work until the state government decides on their demand for a full merger or the court hearing the matter over the fate of agitation.
The employees of 13 depots and the department workshop in Nashik gathered in the department office and decided to uphold their demand for a complete merger of the group with the state government. The salary increase announced by the state government was never part of their demands.
“The government has announced in the past, among other things, salary increases, inflationary allowances, house rents, etc., and every time part of the increase was passed on to employees and part withheld or not paid at all. So the raise was never part of our demands, ”said Sameer Patil, Rajesh Dheple, Keshav Khode and a few others who stand up for their rights.
A conductor at the MSRTC said: “We have now committed ourselves not to enter the bus depot until our debt collection has been accepted. There is no union that represents us because it has done nothing good for employees other than public officials. This time it’s a do-or-die situation for us. ”
Meanwhile, MSRTC officials, who held multiple meetings and round tables with staff, said staff did not seem in the mood to end the agitation.
“We held discussions with employees and asked them to go back to work. As instructed, we wait until 8 a.m. on Friday. Serious action would be taken against those who do not return to work, ”an MSRTC official said.
Ending agitation: Shetti
Former MP and leader of Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana Raju Shetti appealed to MSRTC staff to end their strike. “Not all requirements can be met at once and there are limits to how things can be stretched. Salary increases and a merger request are being considered. Therefore, the employees should now come back into service. The people in rural areas, especially students, depend on the services of the MSRTC and the strike is affecting them very much, ”he said.