Unifor, the union that represents workers at the GM CAMI automotive assembly plant in Ingersoll, has announced that some employees will be back to work early next month.

The 1,600 or so workers employed by the plant were out of service for most of the year, with the exception of three weeks in late spring due to a lack of parts. Over the holiday weekend, the company announced another two-week shutdown until October 25th. However, new information suggests that production will restart by November 1st.

“When we go back upstairs, they don’t want us to go back downstairs until it’s time to convert,” said Mike Van Boekel in a statement from Plant Chair for Unifor 88. “In the last week of October, craftsmen as well as a few painters and welders are needed to put the system back into operation.”

While securing semiconductor parts remains an ongoing concern around the world, the plant is likely to run just one shift for all of November in hopes of having two shifts by December.

“I hope that calms the water down a bit and hopefully brings some light into the darkness,” added Van Boekel. “It was a very long way, but hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Late last month, GM and Unifor announced that CAMI will begin production of a compact all-electric commercial vehicle from 2023 Plant, Plant.