The queen’s apparent weight loss upon her return to work has alarmed royal fans, leading many to wonder if she is fit to continue with her duties as head of state.

The Queen is back at work – but not everyone is so sure that she is ready.

Her Majesty received Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, just a day after she presented her doctor with a huge gift in honor of his 15 years of service to the royal family.

The 95-year-old monarch welcomed the Chief Financial Officer to one of her famous audiences in the Oak Room of her Berkshire residence yesterday. As usual in the 20-minute meetings, details of the conversation were kept under wraps.

Her Majesty wore a dark green printed dress with wide, long sleeves and a pair of black brogues for the occasion, and completed the look with an Art Deco triangular brooch and two pearl necklaces. She seemed to be smiling in photos as Andrew Bailey bowed respectfully and shook hands with her.

The Queen received Mr. Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, for an audience at Windsor Castle today. As Head of State, Her Majesty regularly meets important diplomatic, religious, military and political figures. November 2021

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Unfortunately, the queen’s stylish outfit and optimistic expression weren’t enough to allay fans’ concerns for the royal icon’s health.

Many were quick to point out their noticeable weight loss, likely related to their ongoing health problems. The Queen has had to cancel a number of high-profile appearances due to illness in recent months, including a two-day tour of Northern Ireland and a visit to the COP26 climate summit in Scotland. She even spent a night in the hospital for “preliminary exams” in mid-October before her medical team advised staying home to rest at Windsor Castle.

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As if that wasn’t worrying enough, the queen sprained her back and had to stop a memorial service in November.

Royal fans are now desperate for updates on Her Majesty’s condition, especially ahead of the Queen’s platinum anniversary in 2022.

“She’s gotten so thin,” commented a concerned fan on the latest photo of her.

“She looks like she has lost weight,” wrote another follower.

Despite her frail appearance, Her Majesty has continued to perform a variety of duties from her Windsor office. The Queen showed off her impressive language skills on Tuesday after sending a warm French message to victims of the recent British Columbia floods.