Corporate Security Magazine | Thursday October 14, 2021

Address the importance of securing home offices from cyberattacks

FREMONT CA: The Covid-19 pandemic has uprooted traditional ways of working. Travel restrictions forced employees to work from home. Since then, working from home has become the norm. A study conducted by Hewlett-Packard shows that 29% of office workers prefer to work from home. With the majority of the workforce continuing to work from home, companies are under pressure to protect the home office from cyber attacks.

When dealing with tons of sensitive information, cyber attacks are feared by every company. As people continue to work from home, protecting sensitive information becomes vital. Several cybersecurity experts suggest keeping strong passwords, installing malware detection software, securing the cloud, and encrypting the WiFi network to protect home offices from cyberattacks. But not everyone has the time or the know-how to carry out these tasks. The result was a new range of products and services on the market that is supposed to offer all-round cyber protection for the home office.

HP, one of the largest computer manufacturers, has developed a new feature called Sure Click that protects computers from cyberattacks. Integrated with the PC, Sure Click creates miniature virtual machines for standalone tasks on a PC to isolate them from the operating system or underlying hardware to protect them from infected applications. Since home office is becoming the new norm, innovative solutions are required to avoid cyber attacks