Surveys show that many employees have been more productive while working from home, but employees are eager to see them return.

ATLANTA – Not everyone will be thrilled to see these “welcome back to the office” banners, but many employers are keen to get their employees back under one roof.

It seems that there is some gap between bosses and employees when it comes to life after the pandemic. A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that around a third of respondents would like to continue working from home full-time.

The same survey found that very few executives were willing to give up their office space.

“This is something that companies have to deal with because they have to bind people,” said Bhushan Sethi of PwC.

Opinions about working from home have improved over time. Most employees believe it worked for them and their company. Sethi said the PwC survey shows bosses believe office work is good for corporate culture.

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“In some cases, their customers, their business customers, want them to interact in person again,” Sethi explained. “Some leaders want to go back because they see it as an obligation to all of the small businesses they rely on.”

More than half of the employers surveyed said their employees were more productive from home, but also felt it was important to return to the office where they could work together.

The majority of bosses understand that office life will never be the same.

“Companies need to run a series of experiments to find out what works for them,” said Sethi. “That can mean two or three days away.”

The employees who are most likely to want to return to the office are the least experienced employees who feel that their time at home has not been as productive.

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