PHOENIX – Maricopa County District Attorney Allister Adel said in a statement Friday that she is home now and plans to return to work on Monday.

“I’m home with my family and I look forward to returning to the office on Monday. I continue to value my recovery but have been released by my medical team to return to work. The flood of support was a wonderful reminder of that that there is so much good in this community. Nobody with mental health problems should feel alone. My own journey has reaffirmed my commitment to a treatment-centered approach to law enforcement and I am determined to continue the work of the District Attorney, “said Adel in a statement from her office on Friday.

Adel announced on September 10 that she had been seeking treatment for stress, anxiety, an eating disorder and alcohol use.

“After a very difficult year for me medically, professionally and personally, I made the decision to seek treatment for anxiety and to tackle unhealthy coping patterns such as eating disorders and alcohol consumption. This is a very difficult announcement because, like many others, I have tried to address these issues myself, ”Adel wrote in her statement published on September 10th.

Adel’s office did not respond to questions about when Adel was actually receiving treatment.

The district attorney suffered a cerebral haemorrhage after falling last October. She underwent emergency surgery and was hospitalized for several weeks.

When Adel returned to work on a larger scale in early 2021, she faced a massive scandal after an ABC15 investigation revealed that her office had partnered with the Phoenix Police Department to indict protesters with falsified crimes.

Members of Adel’s leadership team instructed prosecutors to level allegations of gangs against demonstrators.

As a result, MCAO and the Phoenix Police Department invented a fake gang to indict the protesters.

An outside investigation conducted by a retired judge hired by MCAO concluded that Adel was not informed of the gang charges before they were officially filed.

However, one of the key prosecutors in the protest claims that Adel knew about it.