• Distraction is common in the new hybrid workforce.
  • Canva, a visual communication and design platform, explains why employees are at presentations.
  • Canva’s intuitive software lets you create beautiful, engaging presentations.

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We all did it. You work from home and a colleague starts his screen to present the latest financial report. Do you (a) turn the volume up and take meticulous notes, or (b) do lunch and shop for new hiking boots online?

If you answered B, you are not alone. A survey by the global design platform Canva found that 89% of employees said they were distracted during work presentations. In the Bridging the Hybrid Workforce Divide report asked 1,000 full-time workers in the US to list the main activities they perform while watching someone from a distance, and here is what they said:

  • 42% read email or text messages
  • 28% completed work without reference to the presentation
  • 28% scroll through memes on social media
  • 27% use the bathroom
  • 26% listen to music
  • 26% prepare meals
  • 25% online shop

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Working remotely has made it harder to create engaging presentations. And that’s a problem because presentations are one of the most common ways to share plans and ideas. Canva’s survey found that 59% of workers said they plan to work from home some or all of the time, and 81% said virtual collaboration was the “new way” to work.

Why most work presentations are boring

What makes the typical meeting slide so monotonous? Canva’s survey found three reasons your colleagues’ minds wander during a presentation:

  • 60% say they are too long
  • 54% say they are too data-intensive
  • 52% say they have boring or uninspiring pictures

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It’s hard to focus when you’re staring at a 2,000-word corporate manifest on a single slide, but moderators also have a hard time. In the survey, 82% of respondents said they found it difficult to present visual presentations to a group or audience, and nearly half had difficulty creating slides using standard presentation and design programs.

Dr. Michelle McQuaid, psychologist and expert on organizational change, says: “Happy connections between people increase the level of our pleasure hormone, instantly reduce anxiety and improve concentration. But those who work from home will miss a lot of social interactions and non-verbal cues, ”which we often rely on to make people feel included in presentations and meetings.

By asking questions, showing gratitude, introducing humor, or incorporating entertaining or relatable photos and videos, we can involve the audience more in our presentations and be less distracted. “

How Canva breaks the learning curve

What if it was easy to create stunning presentations right out of the box?

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Canva’s free platform makes beautiful design accessible to everyone. Its millions of users can choose from over 500,000 professional design inspiration templates. You can intuitively drag and drop items and access a large library of images without downloading a single file. Best of all, in the software itself, they can collaborate on presentations, leave comments, and even show off designs for their teams in real time. The final result? Infinitely more engaging presentations that take half the time to create.

Better software, better inclusivity

Distributed teams rely heavily on presentations to communicate – in fact, employees expect to do 10% more of them in the next six months.

This phenomenon has a serious impact on diversity in the new hybrid work environment: 28% of introverts said their presentation skills had negatively impacted their careers, compared with 12% of extroverts.

Canva is redesigning the presentation format with a number of new features such as Talking Presentations, which allow presenters to incorporate short videos of themselves as playable elements in slides. This offers an alternative to the live presentation while still allowing people to hear their voices.

Great presentations give great ideas the visibility they deserve. And companies benefit from diverse perspectives. To stay competitive and make sure all ideas are heard, we need to use better software.

Create better presentations with Canva. Find out more here.

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