Vijayawada: The state government plans to set up IT townships across the state to promote the concept of home work. The government would provide high-speed internet connectivity to these communities, which included villages as well as towns and parishes.
Industry and IT Minister Mekapati Gowtham Reddy held a meeting with officials on the concept of home work at the Secretariat on Wednesday. He asked officials to start the pilot in 29 locations across the state. The pilot project should begin with the provision of a high-speed internet connection by December this year, the minister said.
The minister went on to say that the government is in contact with the IT companies and other organizations that have introduced the concept of work from home due to Covid-19. He said several companies now view this home work concept as the best system and have asked their employees to continue.
Since the home office concept would also minimize the administrative burden including rents, the companies look forward to continuing this as long as the employees have a fast and uninterrupted internet connection, the minister said. He said the government is ready to roll out this internet facility across the state, starting with these 29 locations through December.
The minister said he would visit the state capital shortly and explain this concept of work from the home community to the Union’s IT minister and ask for support. He expressed confidence that this system would receive patronage from both central government and corporations.
The state will provide high-speed internet connectivity to these communities, which include villages, towns, and parishes