In the post-COVID era, employers struggle with the new challenges of attracting the best, new talent.

On Tuesday June 15, BenefitsPRO’s Paul Wilson and Emily Payne met Robyn Tikia from Risk Strategies, Ed Barrientos from Brazen, Casey Welch from Tallo, Uche Enemchukwu from Nelu Solutions and Larry Nash from EY on a Twitter chat the challenges and opportunities that HR managers will face in 2021.

The group discussed a series of eight questions about the challenges companies face, what young and even young professionals are looking for, and much more.

“All candidates, regardless of whether they have a degree or more experience, want an environment that supports flexibility, offers plenty of learning opportunities, and supports teaming,” tweeted Nash. “They want to know that they can build their careers.”

Check out the highlights from the conversation below. A full summary can be found on the BenefitsPRO Twitter profile or under the hashtag #BPROHiring on Twitter.

Companies today experience “talent wars”. Attracting and retaining top talent means prioritizing # flexibility and the choice of employees. # Hybrid workforce, competitive wages / benefits and work-life balance lead to employee satisfaction and lower fluctuation #BPROEinstellung

– Edward Barrientos (@ SnowCrash65) June 15, 2021

Opportunities for candidates to leave the scope of their defined role. With a hybrid WFH / on site you are not limited to the respective tasks and responsibilities, but can take initiative and create opportunities and create more visibility with colleagues in other offices. #BPROsetting

– Robyn Tikia (@RobynTikia) June 15, 2021

Virtual processes are here to stay. Finding the right balance between virtual and personal is an important aspect of offering the right candidate experience and the right insight into your corporate culture #BPROHiring

– Lawrence Nash (@LarryNash_EY) June 15, 2021

In addition to looking for a hybrid work environment, graduates want to get in touch with their careers personally. They want a job they personally fulfill, and that desire has grown over the past year as the many challenges society faced with #BPROHiring increased

– Casey Welch (@CaseyWelchTallo) June 15, 2021

Graduates are looking for variety. More and more recent graduates say they are less likely to work for an employer when their diversity numbers are low. #BPROsetting

– Nelu Diversified Consulting Solutions (@NeluSolutions) June 15, 2021

Middle and leading #talents who are unsatisfied in their current roles will go back on the job search in 2021/2022 and be quickly picked up by competitors. Competitive pay, #performance, PTO and flexibility will turn out to be top incentives to attract top talent. #BPROsetting

– Edward Barrientos (@ SnowCrash65) June 15, 2021

Candidates want their general wellbeing to be supported (physically, emotionally, socially and financially). Org can take a holistic approach to its programs, but must also continually adapt to the unique, evolving needs of its employees. #BPROsetting

– Lawrence Nash (@LarryNash_EY) June 15, 2021