With restrictions, isolation, canceled vacations or simply not being able to plan – everyone has gone through the pandemic, not to mention those who are affected by the virus itself. Add to this the challenges for workers and their employers like the end of vacation, getting back to work, canceled orders, and it’s not surprising that companies and employees are suffering from Covid fatigue, says Towergate Health and Protection.

“Covid Fatigue is a phrase we coined to explain how many of us are feeling right now,” said Brett Hill, Distribution Director at Towergate Health and Protection. “It covers the feeling of exhaustion and despair of constantly having to keep pace with changing regulations and requirements caused by the pandemic. Both employers and employees are likely to suffer from the effects of Covid fatigue right now, but it manifests itself in different ways.

Afraid to return to the office

There are many ways that employees can suffer from Covid fatigue. This could be in their personal life, with uncomfortable friends and family, self-isolation, canceled plans, social isolation. Or at work, with home office, vacation and the fear of returning to the office.

Employers also face the same difficulties in their private lives as their employees, but they also have a great deal of responsibility, having to provide moral support to employees who have got into trouble and deal with the business and economic consequences of the pandemic. It should not be forgotten that employers can also find working from home a burden and are also afraid of returning to the office.

Hill commented, “It’s been a long and difficult road during the pandemic. Everyone is talking about 2020 being a terrible year, but we are now three quarters of the way to 2021 and we have certainly not seen Covid from behind.

“Employers have to understand the concerns of their employees and recognize Covid fatigue in employees, but also take care of themselves. Mental and physical health problems do not differentiate between management levels, and we all need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. “

When asked about the impact of the pandemic, 59 percent of expats believe that their employer’s health packages should prioritize physical over mental well-being.