Scotland will not extend vaccine passports to pubs, cinemas and theaters, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

There has been speculation that the program will be extended, but today the first minister told the MSPs that “we have decided not to extend the scope of the program”.

She said the Scottish government assessed the situation as “precarious” but cases are currently stable and are falling slightly.

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She also said ministers had taken into account the “inevitable impact” on the operation of businesses.

“This was a very balanced decision,” she said, adding that “at this stage [an] Extension would not be proportionate “.

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She urged people to take a lateral flow test before “any occasion where you meet other people” or even shopping in a crowded place.

Ms. Sturgeon confirmed that there will be no further changes to other COVID-19 restrictions such as wearing masks and working from home.

The government recently released a paper suggesting that Scotland faces a choice of expanding the vaccination certificate program or closing venues and limiting the number of people who can meet.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland reiterated its message that people should work from home whenever possible.

In a statement, the Stormont government said: “Our common goal is to ease pressure on our hospitals while allowing our society and economy to remain open as fully and safely as possible.

“That means we must all take steps to prevent the situation from worsening, which may require more stringent measures.”

First Minister Paul Givan added, “It is hoped that by making this concerted effort and taking personal responsibility seriously, we can get through this period over the next few weeks.”