BOZEMAN – School is canceled in the summer, which means a break for students and teachers – but what about year-round childcare?

“I feel like I should make some tough decisions every day as to whether we can keep working in this environment or whether we need to close our doors,” said Heather Karo, owner of ABC Kidz Child Care.

This childcare owner sees no problem signing up, she has an issue that so many other Gallatin County business owners face.

“We obviously need more staff to look after these children and the shortage of staff or finding qualified people willing to come and work has been a big, real struggle,” said Tori Sproles of Child Care Connections.

And it’s not the only daycare center that has experienced that.

“We have had to close some programs and some programs have to close certain classrooms and the like just because the staff is short,” said Sproles.

As for enrollment, it was pretty normal.

“Registering for childcare is always a development. I didn’t see a big difference or a shift in itself, one way or the other, ”said Sproles.

The change they saw was easy.

“It’s been a relatively smooth transition back,” said Sproles. “It wasn’t a big increase. You know that suddenly on May 1st everyone was back in childcare. It was more of a smooth transition when people got back to work.”

But for a daycare operator – she finds herself in a similar place of survival, not through challenges with enrollment, but only through everyday decisions.

“We have some tough decisions to make,” said Karo. “I’m at the point we were a year ago where I thought if we can survive these few months, a few months, we’ll be fine. I’m still optimistic.”

If you or someone you know is qualified and interested in the childcare profession, now may be the perfect time to get started.