Day One Animal Rescue has left its building but will continue to work remotely to help animals in need.



Day One Animal Rescue, an organization that helps animals find homes, is now in a similar situation.

The group recently left their building at 1101 Baldwin Avenue in Marion for a number of reasons, including crime, according to a recent Facebook post.

Day One Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that has been helping animals suffering from neglect, homelessness and abuse since August 2019.

Very quickly, the building, which was in need of repair, became the target of multiple vandalism, with the building’s security system being torn down and destroyed and electrical wiring torn out, the group said.

Almost every day, workers and volunteers had to start their day cleaning up the rubbish thrown in the parking lot, according to her post.

Despite the setbacks, the group has and will continue to help over 700 animals to date and will focus on remote efforts to help animals at least in the near future.

Here’s how Day One said it was going to work:

• You will continue to place animals in foster homes. Nursing staff are needed today more than ever.

• You will continue to adopt, although how and where has been determined.