Amazon changes remote working policy

Announced in an internal memo to Amazon employees (strangely called “Amazonians”), CEO Andy Jassy stated that all employees are allowed to work remotely. Unfortunately there is a catch:

“This decision is made team by team at the director level,” wrote Jassy. “We anticipate that there will be teams that will continue to work mostly remotely, others that will work in a combination of remote and in the office, and still others that will decide that customers are best served when the team mainly works in the office. “

Simply put, employees will not be the ones who decide whether or not to work remotely; the decision rests with the respective team leaders. Additionally, employees would still need to be able to come to a meeting a day in advance, so travel might not be an option.

This distinction, according to insiders, has deterred Amazon’s 60,000 office workers from getting excited about the announcement, as many are unsure whether the policy will change in practice.