Home-based employees aren’t all business owners argue that productivity is suffering.

Of more than 1,000 U.S. business owners who responded to a Seattle-based Digital.com survey, 45% said their companies don’t do as much while their employees work from home.

The survey also suggests how Inc. Reportsthat employers disagree with research showing people are equal or more productive at work from home, and 39% of respondents said they fire employees who refuse to return to the office. For companies that said their employees were fully office-based prior to the pandemic, that figure soared to 44%.

The views of business owners contrast with those of a workforce who are increasingly looking for flexibility in working remotely.

“Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will lag behind the curve,” said Dennis Consorte, small business expert at Digital.com, in the survey results. “Otherwise your most valuable employees will look elsewhere for opportunities in the distance.” Read the full story.