Airbnb adds a new tool for hosts that allows them to easily test their WiFi speed and list it. The new addition takes into account the fact that customers – especially those with the current remote working and school model – rent Airbnb properties not only for vacation, but also for work trips, which offer a change of scenery. With that in mind, knowing that you can actually have a strong internet when booking is a useful feature.

While it was previously possible for hosts to list WiFi speeds or share screenshots of speed tests, the new tool is integrated directly into the Airbnb app (with the open source software from M-Lab) and enables the WiFi to be viewed directly. Speed ​​on an ad alongside other information about a property.

And by using a standardized test built into the app, Airbnb can help customers actually get an accurate picture of what to expect at the property: hosts can instead only view the results that Airbnb’s speed test did -App actually finds numbers to inflate or round up.

The new speed test function is now being rolled out in the US and will be expanded worldwide “in the coming weeks”.